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Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Give us a reason, I dare you. We are circling. We weep over the body of our beloved warrior sister Ruth, but don’t mistake our tears for weakness. They are the waters that give life to the beast you are about to unleash if you try and replace her right now. So I dare you, Mitch and Don, to give us a reason to come and knock on your door. I dare you.

You may out number us three to one in the seats of Congress, but the balding heads of you old white men will shine with perspiration when we show up. You who wield pens like swords and take from me the rights my great grandmother fought for, I’m waiting for the call. And I’ll be there with my Pussy Hat and my “Nasty Woman” T-shirt , and I’ve got a few million friends who will join me, so I dare you.

I double dare you. You may think you have the right to tear children away from their mothers and rip the wombs from brown bodies at the border, but you don’t. Perpetrators are empowered by the lack of justice that allows them to continue their reign, but the day is coming when you will be dethroned. We see you. Justice may be blind, but her scales can be used as a mighty weapon if you push her, brass nunchucks that will leave you wondering what hit you. Please give her a reason to swing them.

I double dog dare you. It won’t be young people with cries for equal justice on your lawn this time, but mother’s with babies at their breasts and fists raised in solidarity. Generations of us and our allies. Will you shoot tear gas at us so you can have a photo op too? Come on, I dare you.

I triple dog dare you, you fuckers. That sweet warm feeling you have as the celebratory champagne slips down your throat will turn to a trickle down your leg if you unleash the wrath of women who have been silenced for thousands of years. Our collective roar will be heard for a thousand more if you give us a reason. Please give us a reason. We are waiting for a reason. I dare you.

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