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My favorite teacher in 5th grade was my English teacher, Mrs. Griffith. She was a beautiful black woman with manicured nails and I loved the way she held our attention in class. As a child, I had no idea why she was such a great teacher, but looking back I would say she owned the room. She respected us and in return we respected her.

Mrs. Griffith told me I was a good writer. She liked my poetry and was always encouraging no matter what the assignment was. She showed me how to love words, to craft them, not just use them.

I have done many things in my life: raised children, worked in theater on and off stage, and advocated for things that are important to me—but I have always come back to writing.

I started writing my blog in January of 2020. I was doing some heavy emotional lifting with advocacy work in my community and writing my memoir Shattered. My blog was a place to set down some of my thoughts, or step away and write about something else. 

When the Pandemic hit, blogs became a way for so many of us to remedy our craving for connection. We were trying to express our humanity in a way that would make us feel seen in our isolation, and to make sense of the tumultuous world around us.

My mother was dying of Alzheimer's in the middle of all that. I needed a way to process some of what I was witnessing in her deterioration, and document some of the absurdities of this disease. Writing was a way to bring some balance to a situation that felt off kilter. And I wanted what I was learning about the disease to be helpful to others, so I wrote. Many of my posts are about my mom.

I'm so happy to have built a life where I get to integrate my passion for writing. I write for fun, I write to make a point, and I write to help others find the best way to say something. I hope Mrs. Griffith would be happy to know her efforts impacted me so deeply. 

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