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Words matter— now more than ever.  How we communicate in workspaces in the 21st century requires clarity and precision. 


Whether it's relaying valuable information to customers in your advertising, getting artists and organizations to understand the value of a consent-based working environment, or Keynote speaking on Advocacy issues, I can help you with your communication needs, no matter where you are in the US.


Laura Stearns


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Blank Papers

Writing for Business

Creating content and copy for business communications with a focus on honesty and transparency is my specialty. I don't want your customers to feel like they're being sold a bill of goods. I want them to FEEL good about doing business with you.

From Website content to E-newsletters to internal documents, let me help you get your B2C prospects and B2B clients on board with your business the old-fashioned way—

with no-nonsense and a touch of personality!

Need someone to help you design the pages for your website? I do that too! Click here for more details.

Types of Copywriting I Can Provide for You


Website Content and SEO

If you're not happy with your website, are thinking of creating a new marketing campaign, or if you're creating a brand new website and you don't know what to do, look no further. I can help you!


I'll work in collaboration with you to polish your message and to represent you or your business in the most effective way.


And I can help you with SEO to make sure you are utilizing your marketing effectively on the web.

General Copywriting

I love to use my writing skills to help others find the best way to represent themselves or their work in a way that is personal, engaging and focused.


I work with sole proprietors one-to-one, or with teams of people, helping larger entities with their websites, or  internal documents—anything written, I can help make it happen.

Do you have someone answering phones and they need a call script? Are you considering doing a radio or television ad, training video? I can write the scripts!


Writing a speech for a business presentation or special occasion can be daunting, even torturous! Well, don't worry, I've got your back. One of my favorite things to do is help someone figure out how to say something. 

If you're thinking of writing a memoir and don't really have the writing skills to tell your story, I can work with you to craft your writing, to help you say the thing that's hard to put to words. 

Let's Be Honest...

I value transparency. So let's talk about the elephant in the room... Artificial Intelligence.

"What about AI? Can't I just use that?"

Sure you could!

I even use AI to do research. It's fast and thorough. But to be clear—AI is a tool. The content it provides will be based on data and an algorithm that makes it "sound" like a person talking. If you want cookie cutter copy that is "good enough" to fill the space on your website, use AI with my blessing.


AI can do a lot... but what it can't do is relate a human experience.


It simply can't, because it hasn't lived a life. If you want copy that jumps off the page and grabs the attention of the humans you are trying to do business with, you need a human to write it.

Dollar Bills

"Sounds good, but how much is it gonna' cost?"

I'll give you a fair, industry standard price based on the custom job I'll do for you. Because each job is unique I don't list specific prices because fees differ from client to client based on many factors.


I don't work by the hour, I work by the project, which is great for clients because they know what they're signing up for. There are no hidden costs! You will know exactly what you will have to pay. 

As I said, I value transparency, and I don't want to leave you guessing as to what you might have to pay. To understand pricing for Copywriting, here is a good article from to give you a sense of what a good writer will provide, and what you can expect to pay, whether it's me or anyone else.

Ready to get your quote?

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