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Website Consultation and Design

Copywriters are often hired to create website content, then they hand that copy over to a website designer to put the words into the site; the two tasks require different skill sets.

Hiring two separate people for these jobs can be inconvenient.

After many years as a designer in theater, I've found that my design skills transfer beautifully to website design, so I now offer both copywriting and site services! Clients find it very useful to have the same person doing both the page design and writing the content for their site.

"We were in a bind, starting a new business, looking for someone to make our website (and brand) look professional and enticing.  Laura took charge and created a beautiful site for us. She knew the right questions to ask us, how to get to the essence of what we're trying to do, knew what the site needed and she executed it beautifully and professionally. We couldn't be happier with the final product.  Not only did she present excellent content for our website, Laura's a good person, smart and personable, a joy to collaborate with. We will absolutely use her services again and again. You should, too!"

Gary Powers
Producing Partner at Revolution Stage Company
Palm Springs, California


Website Design

Website Audit

I can audit your existing site to determine if you're using the best content, SEO, and keywords. If you want me to update your site, I can write new copy and re-design certain elements, depending on the platform used to create the site, and do minor adjustments to page design.

Website Development

I can design your site from scratch, create the content, create events, set up purchasing, and add SEO. Although I am familiar with several site builders, I work in Wix when building a site as it is the most flexible for design elements. I will work with you to determine the best applications for your business needs. 

What I Won't Do

I do not do coding. I stick with my skill set, and coding is definitely not one of mine! I can enlist colleagues for assistance who I trust and work well with. If there is anything that comes up in the development process and I don't think I'm the best person for the job, I'll find who is and work with them to get the job done right.

Stacks of Coins

Website Design Fees

Every project is different. Some sites need to be revamped, others need to be built from scratch. Some need new copy written, others simply need a fresh look. Because of this, I don't list fees for my services.


I will access your project and give you a proposal with a fair price based on the industry standards. I charge by the project, not the hour, so you know exactly what you will have to pay. 

For information about pricing for website design, here is a link to an article from to get a sense of what designers charge.

Contact me for a FREE 30-minute consultation

Contact me to see how I can help you liven up your existing website or develop a new one for you or your business.

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