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Artist ~ Writer ~ Advocate ~ Consultant

Picture of Laura Stearns

I communicate to the world in a variety of ways; as an actor, a writer, a director, and an advocate. I believe in the power of stories. They can move us and change us in profound ways. Connecting to one another on a basic level can be challenging in a world where social media distracts and AI pulls us away from what matters: an authentic human connection. 

I love to learn new things, so I have acquired a wide skill-set over the years. I use my life experience to inform my work, which guides me like a compass. I follow my instincts. I don't take jobs that don't line up with who I am at my core. If I work with someone it's because I want to, not because I need to.

Image of book cover for Laura's book Shattered

The Writer

As a writer, I've had a lot to say over the years. I've written for fun, to make a statement, and to help others find the right words. See what writing means to me.

Picture of Laura Stearns for a theater promotion poster for Prime Productions in St. Paul MN

The Artist

I've been in the business of making art for decades. On stage, screen, or behind the scenes, I've done just about everything. Check out my artist gallery!

Picture of Laura Stearns

The Advocate

Through my passion for creating safe spaces, I've learned to advocate for myself and others. See what makes me tick.


Spring 2024-

The sky is the limit!

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